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Cesc Fabregas may have found the secret to Chelsea’s success

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The evidence is compelling...

Chelsea have been an extremely streaky club over the past several years and Cesc Fabregas thinks he may have found the pattern that allows the Blues to win.

Taking to his Instagram, the midfield magician noted an interesting correlation between him winning a league title and having a baby.

2013 - Lia was born, i win La Liga

2015 - Capri was born, i win the Premier League

2017 - Leonardo is born, i win the Premier League again

2018 - Baby @daniellasemaan are you ready? ❤️

When Cesc won La Liga with Barcelona in 2013, his firstborn daughter named Lia was born. After moving to Chelsea, he’s won two more league titles. Both of which coincided with the birth of a child. In 2015, his second daughter, Capri. After a horrid season in 2015-16, this year Chelsea were dominant and his son, Leonardo, was born.

Of course, being in sports automatically makes you superstitious. He’s noticed this pattern and jokingly asked his partner, Daniella Semaan, if she’s ready to for the fourth baby/title in 2018. If anything, it must be done for science to prove the theory.

UPDATE: We’re going to have to find a different secret to success.