Lukaku: Besides goals and assists

Everyone is aware of Lukaku's amazing stats in 2016/17 PL season.26 goals to go with 6 assists is an excellent return and even better considering the support cast.

This 12+ minute video highlights the other aspects of Lukaku,that is,hold up and link up play which are very much essential in a Conte striker.

We can see how Lukaku uses his amazing physique and pace to hold up the ball against Centre backs and spray it around to his players. Again,this video wouldn't show what Lukaku does for the majority of the game when he isn't given service but it definitely shows that he has the necessary skillset to thrive under Conte.

There are portions where you could see his first touch being a bit awry but he has improved a lot in that aspect and his pace allows him to recover from such situations.You could also see how his finishing could further improve if he chooses to place the ball rather than powering it in at times but that's a scary proposition for the opposition.

Whether Costa stays or not, Lukaku would be a very valuable acquisition for us. Would love to hear your opinions after watching the video.

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