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The best of Chelsea 2016-17 behind the scenes: August

Chelsea Unseen & Re-seen clip show

There were plenty of improvements to be found in and around Chelsea Football Club this past season, but one of the most welcome was at Chelsea TV. While there is still no tunnel cam — please please pretty please — we’ve gotten much greater access and many more behind the scenes glimpses than seasons before. Mourinho was of course famous for his secrecy and his borderline paranoia in matters of team exposure, but Conte has played many things close to his chest as well and there were still plenty of things to film and share from the training ground and elsewhere not normally seen.

Each week on Friday and Saturday, almost without fail, Chelsea TV produced an ‘Unseen’ and ‘Re-seen’ segment, the former, as the name implies, usually showing things not seen before from the week that was, and the latter, also as the name implies, reviewing some of the key moments of the week, sometimes showing extended looks and scenes to features we had watched before. Unseen was generally the more interesting, but Re-seen was fun, too.

With the season over, Chelsea TV are going through and picking highlights from both series. It looks like they will do this for each month from August to May. The August highlights for Chelsea Re-seen are at the top, while the highlights for Unseen are below. Re-seen is actually the more interesting one this time around, essentially reviewing the season in chronological order, reminding us of things long forgotten.


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