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Hazard makes progress in ankle rehab by getting ‘summer haircut’, maximizing Nike gear

Oh Eddie...

If this were a normal summer, Eden Hazard would likely be sunning himself on some beach like his head coach, or perhaps exploring the Grand Canyon like his buddy Thibaut, or perhaps living the Kobe-life in LA like his other other buddy Michy, or perhaps riding dune buggies like his other other other buddy Big Rom.

But this is no normal summer. This is the summer of the ankle fracture and surgery. This is the summer of being laid up in a cast, waiting for rehab, and then hoping to come back in time to only miss the first month of the new season. This is not a fun summer.

At least he’s got a snazzy van and plenty of Nike swag to ride and lounge around in? Missed branding opportunity on the crutches though, Nike!

Hazard underwent surgery a little over two weeks ago to repair the fracture he suffered during training with the Belgian national team, so he’s got a bit more to go before the cast/boot can come off — six weeks is pretty normal — and he can learn to walk and run and play again. The full recovery time is expected to be around three months, which should mean that he’s back some time in September.

Get well soon, Eddie!

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