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New 2017-18 Chelsea home and away Nike kits spotted in the wild two weeks before official reveal

Chelsea are set to reveal at least the new home kit for next season on July 1st, but given all the leaks and mock-ups and spy shots, we pretty much know exactly what Nike’s first round of shirts and shorts and socks will look like.

A classic blue home shirt, beautiful in its simplicity, a simple white away shirt (would be better in yellow, but white is okay), and a third shirt with a slightly dated urban camo pattern and bright blue accents will comprise the set as Nike look to play it safe in their first year of the new partnership.

In addition to leaks and mock-ups, we’ve had a few shots of the new shirts in the wild already as well, from warehouses and distribution centers and the like. But here’s a picture taken at a store in New York City, with both the home and the away shirts on display (and on sale?) already.

That store is clearly a bit confused judging by the unholy mixing of shorts with shirts (Manchester City shorts and Chelsea away shirt, Tottenham shirt with Roma(?) shorts, Nike top with adidas shorts what the...), which could explain why they put out these kits for sale already when they aren’t due to launch for another ten days.

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