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Courtois contract talks ‘stall’ due to wage demands — report

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That’s a scary headline from the Times, but it’s likely to be nothing more than a bit of agenting — and/or fearmongering, in light of the Donnarumma events in Milan earlier today — from Courtois’s representatives as they look to negotiate a new contract for the Chelsea goalkeeper. Just a few weeks ago, talks hadn’t even begun; at least now they’re underway.

Courtois spoke recently of wanting a “good deal” as a reward for his good form this season and success overall since returning to the club in 2014 from a three-year loan at Atletico Madrid. Previous rumors claimed that Chelsea were aiming for a 50 per cent pay rise, to £150,000 per week. Courtois apparently wants a bit more than that.

Pay the man.

Apparently, the £200,000 would put Courtois on par with Manchester United’s David De Gea. As they’re easily the two best goalkeepers in the league, the demand makes sense from Courtois’s camp — especially in a world where Everton just paid a £30m transfer fee for Jordan Pickford.

Thibaut has two years left on his current deal, so that timing is perfect for a new contract this summer. Now we just have to hope that the two sides can hammer out an acceptable agreement for everyone.