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Batshuayi willing to compete with Lukaku for Chelsea spot but wants assurances — report

As far as Michy Batshuayi’s concerned, the plan is pretty simple: do what Chelsea want.

At least that’s what he’s claimed in a couple interviews since the end of the season, though he’s also made sure to point out that another season like the one he just had, with him mostly just sitting on the bench and making five-minute cameos is not exactly preferred — especially in a World Cup year.

With football done for the next month or so — Chelsea preseason set to start second week of July — Michy’s future needs sorting. The Costa situation is complicating things, but assuming that he’s leaving and Lukaku’s coming to replace him, Batshuayi could once again be set for second fiddle. According to a report from Goal’s Ligue 1 correspondent, Julien Quelen — here’s the English version from Goal’s Chelsea correspondent, Nizaar Kinsella — Batshuayi’s happy to compete with his international teammate at Chelsea, though he does want assurances that just because Chelsea are about to drop untold millions on another striker, he won’t get “locked out” for another season.

These concerns are set to be discussed with Antonio Conte at some indeterminate point in the future. Both Michy and the boss are on holidays at the moment — hopefully with phones turned off, right, Antonio?

West Ham, Newcastle, and various French sides like Marseille, Nice, and AS Monaco have been rumored as possible loan destinations should Michy’s immediate future lie away from Stamford Bridge, though he’s only thought to be possibly keen on the latter. In fact, according to the report, no less than 13 “lesser” Premier League teams have seen their interested rejected since January.

There should be plenty of minutes to go around at Chelsea this coming season with the return of Champions League football, so hopefully we can figure out a solution that’s in everyone’s best interest, including Michy’s.

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