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John Terry plays golf with Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce, transfer rumors ensue

Two Terrys and two Bruces played golf together the other day and now we have one of the Terrys getting linked with one of the Bruces, who was previously linked with the other Bruce as well. Paul Terry meanwhile is enjoying the transfer rumor-free life.

That said, I’m not sure these can really be called transfer rumors in the strictest sense, since John Terry is practically a free agent — incidentally, so is Alex Bruce — and he’s free to sign with whomever he pleases. As long as it’s not a Premier League club, which he promised he wouldn’t do. Not that his legacy as one of the biggest legends Chelsea have ever known is under any sort of threat, but it’s always good to keep your promises. Sorry, Bournemouth and Swansea and West Brom and just about every Premier League team mid-table and below who’ve had their turn at being a potential next challenge for the 36-year-old.

It’s basically assumed that Daddy Bruce will sign Sonny Bruce at some point this summer after Hull City let Alex Bruce know that he’s no longer needed. Some have taken exception to Conte’s texting ways, but at least he didn’t do it via Twitter.

Will John Terry join the two Bruces not just on the golf course, but on the Villa Park pitch as well? That’s what Sky Sports and several others are claiming these days.

Let’s see what Aston Villa chairman Dr. Tony thinks.

Well then.

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