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Arsenal vs. Chelsea, FA Cup final: Half-time report

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Ian Walton/Getty Images

Things are not quite going according to plan, though it should be noted that Chelsea are only losing 1-0 at the moment thanks to a moment of utter incompetence from the referee, who missed an obvious handball and then an even more obvious offside (overruling his assistant) to let Alexis Sanchez's goal stand.

Goals change games, even if they should not have been allowed.

A period of Arsenal ascendancy followed, with Gary Cahill, Thibaut Courtois, and the post denying the Gunners a second goal.  At the other end, Costa had a good chance that was blocked, had another chance that was saved by Ospina, and Pedro blazed over when presented with a clear view from eight yards out.

Arsenal's "dominance" has been overstated, one feels, especially as the half wore on.

Chelsea are not out of this by any means, but will have to play better in the second half.  Hazard, Alonso needs to be involved more.  Moses, Matić need to play better, as do the rest.