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WATCH: Chelsea and Arsenal play Heads Up

A little bit of fun before the serious stuff.

Before Chelsea and Arsenal battle it out at Wembley to decide who will lift the FA Cup on Saturday, the two teams had a little bit of fun. Several players from each team played the simple but fun party game “Heads Up” where one person holds a card to their head with a topic on it and the other has to give them clues to guess it. And of course, in this case those topics were their own teammates.

It’s always hilarious to see how professional footballers describe their own teammates. Victor Moses giving hints about Thibaut Courtois to Thibaut Courtois while describing him like a giraffe is high comedy. Then you have Eden Hazard’s laugh after N’Golo Kante does his best Gary Cahill impression. That laugh could bring about world peace.

These guys get paid tons of money, but they’re really just kids at heart. Videos like these are great because we get to see them as they probably are in the dressing room or at home, like normal people.

P.S.: Did Giroud just reveal at the end there that Wenger isn’t staying?

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