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Sky Sports and BBC MotD end of season montages for 2016-17 Premier League

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Nothing beats a good montage to cap off a wonderful season, and while Chelsea still have the FA Cup final to contest on Saturday, the Premier League itself is done for the 2016-17 season. Let’s re-live it with these two high quality montages, one from the BBC’s Match of the Day and the other from Sky Sports.

We’ll start with the BBC as I think it’s slightly better, both in terms of music selection (MUSE’s new song, “Dig Down” is starting to grow on me) and editing.

Sky’s montage is a fair bit longer and thus contains a few more memorable scenes from the season that’s been, set to “Home” by Jake Isaac. Even Bob Bradley gets a frame or two!

Lastly, something slightly different, from the Guardian who review the season’s big storylines in animated fashion, where Pep Guardiola turns into a rocket and N’Golo Kanté becomes the blue Hulk of the midfield. It’s unique, and quite great.