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WATCH: Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich celebrates with the players in dressing room

Every football fan’s dream come true: to witness your team win the league and then celebrate with the players. Roman Abramovich is no ordinary football fan, but he shares his passion for Chelsea with all of us, in his own quiet, mega-rich, reserved, publicity-shy way. Which makes the rare glimpses we do get of him, celebrating a goal, singing the head coach’s name, or joining in briefly as the players celebrate in the dressing room all the more special. (Brave man, that Pedro, for spraying the contents of that bottle of bubble in the owner’s direction!)

Abramovich may be famous for his revolving managerial trapdoor, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 14 years, it’s that above all else, his main interest is seeing his club win. We may disagree with some of his methods or his decisions, but his commitment to Chelsea, both financial and sporting, is undeniable. As we start closing in on two decades of the Roman Era, with a new stadium in the works and plenty of promise on the pitch, we can take a moment to reflect on all that’s happened and all that’s still left to be won.


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