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Chelsea top of Premier League money table, but below Liverpool in 2016-17 TV revenue

Chelsea finished top of the 2016-17 Premier League, collecting the highest prize money from the league and topping the winnings table as well. (The full table is available at the Mirror, though the top six are well above all others — thus the whole Sky Six moniker).

All teams split an equal share of the TV rights moneys from Sky Sports and BT Sport (£2.5billion total, or £84.4m each this season), with a variable portion of the total prize money coming from final position (“merit”) and a bit of additional TV money per appearance as well. All combined, Chelsea earned £152.8m from this season’s Premier League campaign. That’s roughly £40m more than the 10th placed team, where West Brom finished this season instead of Chelsea, just for perspective — at least one top quality player in today’s market.

Surprisingly, the champions did not collect the most (domestic) TV money, nor did either of the two Manchester teams or Best Team In England™ Spurs. The most TV money — i.e. the most TV appearances — went to Liverpool, the fourth placed team. Just in case you were wondering where the general media bias lies in England, or why we have to endure cringey interviews like Graeme Souness vs. David Luiz (around the 2min mark).

Let’s potentialize the positives, not the negatives! Gotta love the Geezer.

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