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Chelsea, Conte get Twitter hashtag emoji worthy of Premier League champions


Paul Pogba was the first Premier League player to get his very own hashtag emoji on Twitter earlier this season, now Chelsea have become the first Premier League team to receive one as well. It sure is a brave new world.

So put your hands in the air and wave them like you just won the Premier League.


I wonder how long the hashtag will be active. Apparently they’re expecting it to be used a lot this weekend as Chelsea get ready to lift the trophy and hopefully set a Premier League record with 30 wins on the season.

"We really excited about launching this emoji. Chelsea have long been incredibly innovative in their use of Twitter. Couple this with Conte being one of the highest regarded coaches in world football at present, and it seemed like a natural fit to get this special emoji live for fans ahead of Chelsea's crowning weekend."

-Bruna Zanin, Twitter UK; source: Evening Standard

So there you have it. Get those thumbs a-tapping and butts a-tweeting, or however you consume your social media.

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