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Michy Batshuayi’s FIFA 17 dreams finally come true

In-form wonderland!

Don’t let naysayers in life tell you that dreams don’t come true. If you put your heart and soul into everything, anything is possible. Michy Batshuayi’s season-long aspirations to have slightly higher ratings for his virtual character in a video game (and to play more for Chelsea) are a prime example of hard work paying off. After months and months of wondering if he’d even get a chance, the Belgian scored the goal that clinched the Premier League title for the club and now all his FIFA dreams have come true as well!

The back and forth between Michy and EA Sports has been well-documented all season. It started with a simple complaint about his extraordinarily low passing stats. It evolved into friendly threats of Batshuayi switching to Pro Evo because of the slight directed towards him.

Thankfully, this ‘feud’ has a happy ending. His title-clinching goal was enough to earn him a spot on EA’s Team of the Week, which means he’ll finally get a new item in FIFA Ultimate team with upgraded stats.


Michy’s overall rating received a bump up from 81 to 84. His pace got a two point increase, shooting went up three, dribbling up five, and physicality up five. The famed passing stat didn’t get much better unfortunately, but Michy isn’t going to let that rain on his parade.

He’s got one more week to get one more special in-form card. He’ll need to score a hat trick at least on the final weekend of the season to make back-to-back Team of the Weeks, as EA tend to do that only for players who go above and beyond.

Nevertheless, the old gold card that drew the ire of Michy is a thing of the past. A brand new shiny in-form card is here and all is right with the world — “If you will it, it is no dream.”

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