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Conte sees the lighter side of Chelsea’s hockey score, Costa’s latest press room shenanigans

Antonio Conte couldn’t quite hide his true emotions on the sideline, his face flashing pictures of disgust and disappointment with every conceded goal flying into the back of Asmir Begović’s net. Matić knew and feared for the worst.

Chelsea’s heavily rotated lineup managed to produce some rather calamitous defense on multiple occasions, but in his post-match press conference, the Chelsea head coach was able to see the lighter side of conceding three goals for the first time since the 3-0 drubbing by Arsenal that proved to be the low-point of the season. Monday’s party at Stamford Bridge was certainly a fair bit closer to the high point instead.

“I think it was a funny game. At this stage of the season I like to see these type of games, when you’ve won the league and you can allow this situation. I must be pleased because I made the decision to change a lot of players and give the opportunity to our young players to start this game. It was an important game because it’s the first game we are champions.”

“We conceded three but we scored four and we created many chances to improve the final result. I had a good answer, we won our 29th game in the league which is a great achievement. We have the possibility to win 30 games and we have to try to reach this target. It’s important for me and the players.”

-Antonio Conte; source: Chelsea FC

Chelsea have now won 29 games in a Premier League season three times, matching the feats of José Mourinho’s famous 2004-05 and 2005-06 sides. One more, and the record is Conte’s alone. Standing in our way are none other than the worst side in the division. The season finale against Sunderland will also serve as dress rehearsal for the FA Cup final, with Conte spending the next two weeks coming up with the masterplan to vanquish Arsenal and their sanctimonious manager and turn Chelsea’s season into a fantastic Double.

“For sure, I have 12 or 13 days to make the best decision [for the FA Cup final]. In this moment I have 13 or 14 players that deserve to play and many players in a really good form. I have to take my time and then make this decision. I have to pick the players that for me are in the better form.”

While Diego Costa is likely to be one of those players picked, on Monday he was unlikely to feature even if he was technically one of the substitute picked. So he busied himself with a few new shenanigans, such as visiting the press room for a few refreshments.

Don’t worry, he was only looking for some orange slices.

But while Diego kept it healthy, once Conte learned of this visit, he jokingly admonished his striker for not bringing him a piece of chocolate cake. Conte does love a bit of post-match cake, as I’m sure we’ll all recall.

“Which type of food?! It's important this! In this case I am very angry with him because he should give me a bit of chocolate cake, to share because I was suffering during the game! To eat a bit of cake would have been good. Next time I will tell him to think of me.”

-Antonio Conte; source: Football.London

Too much fun. And three points! One more win for the record, one more win after that for the Double. I almost don’t want this season to end.

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