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WATCH: Chelsea 2016-17 Premier League champions montage

The weekend has come and gone. The champagne has been drunk. The shenanigans are done. The squad were back to training on Sunday ahead of Monday night’s match at the Bridge and the fortnight of preparation ahead of a potential Double.

So let’s put a bow on all this for now with a couple montages. Who doesn’t love a good montage!?

First up are Sky Sports, who always do a great job with these (see: 2015), but this time around they inadvertently created the biggest mystery of the weekend as well. Just what song is that in the background?

You can try to Shazam it, Google Music it, search for the lyrics to no avail. I’ve seen tips that it may be unreleased music from Barns Courtney (of “Fire” fame) or Saint PHNX whose songs have been featured on ESPN and elsewhere. No luck yet. Six billion WAGNH points to those who help us figure this mystery out.

<blink> IMPORTANT UPDATE </blink>

There are plenty of noteworthy amateur efforts out there, too, but I love the energy of @ShpendZhubi’s effort (“Piercing Light” remix), even if it ends a bit abruptly.

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