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Chelsea fan names firstborn in honor of Antonio Conte and Victor Moses

How did you celebrate Chelsea Premier League title win on Thursday? Did you eat, drink, and make merry? Did you buy a new shirt (maybe with Batshuayi on the back)? Get a tattoo? Cry tears of joy and happiness?

If your name is Mathew Irondu and you watched it all unfold from Nigeria, you celebrated (early, even) by naming your newborn child after the head coach and a key player from your country.

Welcome to the world, Antonio Moses.

“This is my first child and I fervently pray that his birth, a day before Chelsea’s league win, will bring good tidings to my family, the club and their fans across the globe.”

-Mathew Irondu; source: NAN

Mathew used to be an Arsenal fan apparently, but left those losers for the glitz and glamour and glory of Chelsea. There’s no switching (again) now, Mathew, with a living, breathing reminder of Antonio Conte and Victor Moses right by your side the rest of your life!

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