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That time Costa, David Luiz, JT kidnapped Conte from his press conference with a fire extinguisher

Chelsea’s dressing room celebrations were rudely interrupted by some post-match commitments for head coach Antonio Conte, who had already been doused by champagne and icewater by that point and was thus in a tracksuit when he addressed the assembled journalists in the post-match press conference that’s mandated by Premier League rules.

Given that they are the two foremost jokesters and pranksters of the squad, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Diego Costa and David Luiz were not going to stand for this affront to their merrymaking for too long. Backed by Chelsea captain John Terry, the first non-Manchester United player to win the Premier League five times, the Brazilian duo waited ... patiently ... while their mister completed his media duties.

Their patience ran out pretty quickly however, though not before Costa tested the strength of some random scaffolding that was in the room. He then found a fire extinguisher and pretended to threaten to spray the room with it to get things moving.

Eventually, the Chelsea trio were successful in rescuing Conte.

Silly boys.

Here’s Conte’s reaction to Michy’s goal, by the way, as a bonus.

So much to love!

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