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Diego Costa adds new English word to vocabulary after breaking some training ground equipment

Plus, sunshine and happiness!

One stop on the Stamford Bridge stadium tour is the home dressing room, where, as the tour guide helpfully tells everyone, there is no other language permitted than English. In a multi-national squad and coaching staff, it is obviously a reasonable policy to agree on a single language of communication. That said, when I heard that, I couldn’t help but chuckle — though I decided not to be a pedantic smartass and pipe up that actually, we know that Diego Costa barely knows any English, besides the few swearwords that every new English as a second language speaker learns before anything else.

Then again, maybe that assumption is now wrong. The latest Chelsea Unseen episode reveals that Costa does know at least one English word: sorry. What prompted him to go medieval on the training ground equipment is anyone’s guess — some people just want to watch the world burn after all — but once he realized that he actually broke a couple gates, he was quick to apologize.

Meanwhile, the rest of the players had a slightly better and happier reaction to the great weather in London this week, enjoying a bit of training under the sunshine and a visit from old friend Claudio Ranieri, who shared a nice moment with his former player and now current Chelsea U18 coach, Jody Morris. Plus, David Luiz tells a funny-looking story.

This week’s episode, perhaps taking a bit of inspiration from Liverpool’s best-in-class tunnel cam, also features a few scenes from Wednesday’s game, letting us bask in slow-motion Hazard and Alonso and Pedro.

(Can we have tunnel cam next season yet?)

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