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Victor Moses reflects on already unforgettable 2016-17 Chelsea season

Chelsea v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

The 2016-17 season has a chance to be a very special one for Chelsea, but for some players, such as Victor Moses, it’s already become an unforgettable one.

Perhaps even more so than most at the club, the 26-year-old winger was eager to prove his worth on the big stage following his three seasons away from the club on various loans at Liverpool, Stoke City and West Ham. In preseason, and not for the first time, Moses impressed. But this time, unlike all previous times with Chelsea, his performances were not only acknowledged, but were rewarded by a first-team spot.

"It's frustrating when you know your manager wants to use other players ahead of you and you've got to go on loan to different clubs. You get injured and all of a sudden you're not getting back in the team. You can't settle well. You've got to move your kids to a new school every season… Stuff like that is always going to play in your head."

"I've never doubted the ability that I've got. Chelsea is one of the best clubs in the world and I've always believed I have the ability to get into the team. I've proved that this season. I just kept working hard and kept believing in myself. I've moved on from the difficult times now. This is a season I am never going to forget."

However, not even Moses himself could’ve predicted that his season would play out in the way that it has. From early season substitute appearances as a winger, to one of the first names on the team-sheet at a brand new position ... it turns out that all Moses needed was a bit of trust, a bit of love, and a few fresh ideas.

"For a manager to come up to you and speak to you [that you will be staying at the club], it meant a lot. I really appreciated it."

"We've got a manager now who gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves. I felt that from the start, right from the first day of training. He was talking to all the players. There was no favouritism. Everyone was the same to him. As long as you went out and proved yourself, he would give you the opportunity. I was very pleased to see that. It gave me confidence."

"He knows I'm good offensively. He has always said to me that I'm very good in one-v-ones, but defensively he's always working hard on me in training to make sure I'm solid. It has helped bring my game to another level. He talks to me a lot. I really appreciate that from a manager."

Moses may be tired of talking about his (very successful) conversion to a wing-back and how that all came about, but of course he had to hit at least the highlights in this latest interview with Sky Sports ahead of Sunday’s showdown at Goodison against Everton.

"The first time he put me there was the day after we lost to Arsenal. We all knew the formation he liked to play when he was Italy manager, but I had never actually thought about playing wing back. After the session he went through it all with me, how to play the position and everything. I took it in and didn't look back."

"I've always played in different positions. I don't see myself in one position. I'm an all-round player. Wherever the manager asks me to play, I'm willing to do it to help the team."

-Victor Moses; Source: Sky Sports

Moses’s attitude has been exemplary throughout his Chelsea career and his success this season is sure to serve as inspiration for many of the 30+ loanees currently out on various assignments across Europe and England. With a fresh contract in hand, signed a couple months ago, Victor’s Chelsea career has only just begun.

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