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WATCH: Chelsea loanee Christian Atsu scores most nonchalant free kick ever for Newcastle United

This is awesome.

If you’ve been watching football for a while, and I’d presume if you’re reading this, you have had, you’ve no doubt seen many free kicks taken, and a few even scored from.

You might recall perfect left-footed curlers from Marcos Alonso. You might recall perfect right-footed curlers from Willian. You might recall knuckle-ballers from the likes of David Luiz or Didier Drogba or Cristiano Ronaldo. You might even recall other famous free kicks and free kick-takers from down the years. Whenever I’m asked about free kicks, for example, I invariably end up talking at least briefly about Thomas Häßler, who was famously tiny and had even tinier feet, which as my anecdote goes, allowed him to put the most perfect spin on the ball.

But I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a free kick like the one Christian Atsu pulled off on Friday night for his loan club (and soon to be permanent home?) Newcastle. That, by the way, is an eight-player wall.

This equal parts awesome, hilarious, jaw-dropping, and just plain old fun. A step, a dink, top corner. Well done.

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