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Antonio Conte set for 25 per cent pay rise, but not until the summer — reports

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In what’s hopefully the final, or at least final-ish word on Antonio Conte’s contract situation until after the season, here are a couple reports from last night to mostly repeat what we’ve already been told several times, but also reveal a bit of new information.

The old information, courtesy of Matt Law in the Telegraph, is that negotiations are under way, and possibly all set and done and good to go. But the actual contract won’t be signed until the summer, until after the season itself is done, and only after, presumably, Chelsea have won the title.

This tempers Sky Sports’ bold report that a contract is ready to be signed in a matter of days. Basically, a contract will be signed at some point between now and next season.

Good enough for me; there’s little to worry about in terms of this deal falling through.

In addition, a report in the Daily Mail yesterday has put a number on the expected pay rise to go along with the extra year tacked on to the current deal. The new contract is expected to be for three-years once again, with about a 25 per cent rise from £6.5m to £8m annual salary.

Sounds good.

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