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Diego Costa gets trolled over training ground nationality competition

He still can’t decide if he’s Spanish or Brazilian

Once again in today’s Chelsea training session “Team Spain” defeated “Team Brazil” in a friendly competition. This led to Cesc Fabregas posting another celebratory Instagram photo of him and his Spanish pals along with some honorary Spaniards in Nemanja Matic and Thibaut Courtois (who is basically Spanish, in all fairness).

Once again, Brazilian-born Spain international Diego Costa represented the Brazil team instead of playing with his La Roja teammates. He responded to the post with an all-emoji’d middle finger salute in the comments section of Cesc’s post. This led Marcos Alonso to playfully label him a ‘traitor’.

Fair to say that the chemistry of this squad is as good as it’s possibly ever been. In the past you’d never see this type of banter being played out in a public forum. Antonio Conte has everyone on the same page this season, everyone’s having fun, and it’s a thing of beauty to witness. As long as we continue seeing Diego Costa getting trolled on social media, all is well in the Chelsea world.

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