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Boring, Boring Chelsea 2.0

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Upgraded by Antonio Conte, London is Blue talks about how this team is different than the 2014/15 title champions.

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West Ham United v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

London is Blue are...

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Episode Summary

West Ham dispatched in a 2-0 – oh, wait, they scored in the last minute of stoppage time? Fine. – 2-1 affair, Chelseas continue their quest to return to the Champions League, win the Premier League title, and maybe even do a double by stomping over Manchester United in the FA Cup. We break down the match, and look ahead to next week, with the help of ESPN’s Jeff Borzello.


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  • How did Cesc do against a more physical game against West Ham?
  • How smart does the board look now, hiring Conte and maximize the most out of Pedro?
  • Is March 6, 2017 the day we can start to believe it’s going to happen?