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London Mayor approves Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge redevelopment plans

chelsea new stadium aerial render

This step in the redevelopment process was not expected to be anything beyond a mere formality, and so it proved as on Monday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan approved Chelsea’s plans to build a new stadium at Stamford Bridge. These are the same plans that were unanimously approved by Hammersmith & Fulham Council two months ago.

Khan seemed more than satisfied with the plans, calling the new stadium “a jewel in London’s sporting crown”.

“London is one of the world’s greatest sporting cities and I’m delighted that we will soon add Chelsea's new stadium to the already fantastic array of sporting arenas in the capital.”

“Having taken a balanced view of the application, I’m satisfied this is a high-quality and spectacular design which will significantly increase capacity within the existing site, as well as ensuring fans can have easy access from nearby transport connections.”

“I’m confident this new stadium will be a jewel in London’s sporting crown and will attract visitors and football fans from around the world.”

-Sadiq Khan; source: London City Hall

The Mayor’s word was the big approval step that was gating actual work starting on the plans, though there may be future hurdles to clear, such as arranging a move away for three years (Wembley calling?) and dealing with the railroads, and so on and so forth.

But the green light has been lit, so new stadium here we come!

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