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The Daily Hilario: WAGNH on Tour, Day 3

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Promenade des Anglais at sunset
Promenade des Anglais at sunset
Dávid Pásztor


Yesterday's big discovery was that socca, which seems to be served everywhere, is pretty great and goes really well with what also seems to be the ubiquitous non-wine choice at just about every establishment: Leffe.  Not sure why Belgian beers are so popular this far south, but I ain't complaining.

Socca is basically a pancake/crepe made from garbanzo bean flour (chickpea flour).  Put some salt, pepper, olive oil on it and it's a lovely snack.

With my sleep schedule a bit messed up, I also found that late night French TV gets a bit weird, with programs like Voyage au bout de la nuit (Journey to the edge of the night?), which appears to be a variety show consisting mostly of interviews and readings, the latter of which literally consists of the host(s) sitting there and reading a book.  Not even joking.  Sometimes, the host just happens to be a good-looking woman in semi-enticing clothing and poses.  It's like your standard late night variety T&A show, but without any actual T&A and no stupid shenanigans and more classic literature.  Yeah, France!

Today, the plan is to take the train to Monaco for a daytrip.  Which Monaco player should I steal, should I run across him?  Bernardo Silva?

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
10.00:  World Cup qualifying:  Australia vs. UAE
17.00:  Int'l friendly:  Russia vs. Belgium
19.45:  Int'l friendly:  Netherlands vs. Italy
19.45:  Int'l friendly:  Portugal vs. Sweden
20.00:  Int'l friendly:  France vs. Spain
21.00:  World Cup qualifying:  Bolivia vs. Argentina
01.45 (next day):  World Cup qualifying:  Brazil vs. Paraguay

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