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David Luiz unveils his Conte impression while describing the rigors of Chelsea training

Training is hard, very hard.

There’s no debating that Chelsea look like a completely different club this season. Something about the way they carry themselves has changed. From their swagger and confidence off the pitch to their consistency and ruthlessness on it, this is a different side than we saw struggle through most of last season.

The credit has to go Antonio Conte and his techniques and philosophies, specifically his incredible work ethic. He’s translated all of that to the training ground on a daily basis as David Luiz and Gary Cahill explain in this video posted by the club.


What are Antonio Conte's training sessions like? Gary Cahill: 'Hard' David Luiz: 'Very hard!'

Posted by Chelsea Football Club on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The two joke around when asked what the team’s training sessions are like when Cahill describes them as “hard” and Luiz adds that they are “very hard.” Very insightful stuff, fellas.

They eventually elaborate and explain that Conte is extremely passionate during his sessions. Luiz reveals that the Blues’ boss is the same wherever he is, whether it’s training, during matches, or eating, he’s always intense.

You have to love the Brazilian’s impersonation of Conte too. It’s flawless and comical at the same time. While joking around, Luiz says that Conte’s an amazing coach who always tries to keep the team focused.

It’s a very funny interview with an important message mixed in about a manager that they clearly respect and will continue to play their hearts out for to finish off their brilliant season.

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