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The Daily Hilario: Spring breaking

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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But very tired.

And in a few days, it's Euro-trip time!


So, the audiobook of choice for this trip was Alastair Reynolds' Revenger, a mostly YA adventure story told from a first-person perspective which, if you're familiar with Reynolds, is quite a departure from him.  It's not his best work, not by a long shot, but it made for a quality companion for about 15 hours.

Also started on American Gods from Neil Gaiman, which I'm really enjoying so far.


How's my good boy doing?  Hope you've been voting even as I was slacking on the blogging!!

If not, be sure to vote now!  We're entering the home stretch here...

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
International break, day 1.

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