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So is Lewis Baker Left-footed Or Right-footed?

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London is Blue Podcast speaks to Joe Tweeds, getting all the additional details on his time visiting Vitesse and Chelsea loanee, Lewis Baker.

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Sparta Rotterdam vs Vitesse Arnhem - Cup Semifinal Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

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Episode Summary

Everyone’s favorite neighborhood Chelsea fan, Joe Tweeds, recently went to Vitesse and got to spend time observing loanee Lewis Baker (alongside Matt Miazga, Mukhtar Ali, and Nathan). We spent extra time grilling him with additional questions this week discussing his what he learned. Think of this as a companion piece to his amazing article!


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  • What did he learn about Chelsea’s relationship with Vitesse?
  • So, come on Joe, is Lewis left-footed or right-footed?
  • Do any of the Chelsea loanees – Ali, Nathan, or Miazga – have a future with the club?