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Further reports of John Terry’s obvious contract situation at Chelsea

As has been reported since at least December, but possibly longer, John Terry will not be offered a new (playing) contract at Chelsea this season.

Considering that he has been on rolling one-year deals since 2013 and that he was barely offered one last season and his significant drop in playing time this season since the switch to the 3-4-3, not to mention the previous reports, this should not be a surprise. But here’s the Evening Standard with the news.

The Standard’s report, as have others before it, mention interest from China (where, other reports have claimed, Terry has no interest in going) and the USA (which has been ruled out several times as well). There is of course the coaching or ambassadorial option available to JT, which could prolong his association with Chelsea into the near and far future. He’s already shown off his study materials for his coaching badges on social media.

Oh, and speaking of social media, in case you missed it earlier, Terry rubbished Neil Ashton’s bullpucky about discord between player and head coach. That’s JT 3, Sun 0, if you’re keeping track.

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