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Terry has been a model pro at Chelsea all year, so why would he sow seeds of discord now?

UPDATE: JT himself has rubbished this stupid story.

Neil Ashton is a name we haven’t heard from in a while. Once famous in the Chelsea media-sphere for getting the scoop on Roberto Di Matteo starting Ryan Bertrand in the 2012 Champions League final, Ashton downgraded from the Mail to The Sun recently and thus mostly waltzed out of our Chelsea-centric lives. Fortunately.

But he’s back today, and with a vengeance.

I think my favorite bit is the red circle over JT and Begović, as if there was any confusion over who or where the subs may be.

The headline is basically all you need to know about this bile, which reads, in part that “SunSport can reveal that several of [Conte’s] stars had their noses put out of joint when Conte left them out of the team to start on Monday night.”

You know, I could possibly believe the “fury” of Nathan Aké, who was recalled from a starting gig at Bournemouth to barely a bench role at Chelsea, or maybe even Kurt Zouma, who’s recently talked about the need for minutes as much for his development as for his knee rehab, but John Terry? The man who’s repeatedly said he’s happy to be sitting on the bench as long as the team keep winning, the man who’s already preparing for his career after retirement (whenever that may come), and the man who’s actively posting happy congratulatory messages on his social media accounts?

Yeah, sorry, not buying that, Neil.

On a sidenote, the burglars who broke into Terry’s home a few weeks ago have been caught and charged by Surrey police.

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