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WATCH: Liverpool tunnel cam reveals Antonio Conte's shocked reaction to Arsenal's loss to Watford

Tunnel cam game strong.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Chelsea TV, no more excuses. Even Liverpool have a tunnel cam now. I'm not sure how long they've had it, but they do now. So. Read. My. Internet. Lips. No. More. Excuses.

No more!

It's actually much more than just a strict tunnel cam, roving a bit outside the stadium and at the players' entry, almost out on the field for warm-ups, and even up into the stands at one point. And unlike other tunnnel cam's I've seen, it also has some match action from the sideline. Nice of them to even show the Chelsea highlight(s). Altogether, it's really, very well done. (Dear Chelsea TV...)

As usual, it's the small moments that really make tunnel cams so worthwhile. Blink and you may miss former Bolton teammates Marcos Alonso and Daniel Sturridge (then on-loan from Chelsea) sharing a laugh, then Moses and Sturridge doing the same. There's Costa and Lucas being all friendly, Philippe Coutinho getting in on the Brazilian brotherhood just ahead of the walk-out.

Around the 6-minute mark we finally see why everyone got all up in arms about Conte for a minute as he kicks the ball away a la the Euros. Forget what happened to make him that angry. But the best is towards the end, just past the 10-minute mark, when Steve Holland and César Azpilicueta inform Conte that Arsenal lost, who then "relays" the great news to David Luiz with a hearty slap on the back. Get in!

Also, Liverpool really need a better non-slip surface for their tunnel. That looks dangerous to navigate in boots.

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