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Cesc Fàbregas is ‘100 per cent’ staying at Chelsea next season

Straight from the source.

Chelsea v Brentford - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

While Chelsea’s match against Swansea City later today will not be televised in the UK, Cesc Fàbregas will still be featured on Sky’s Soccer Saturday programming, set to air from midday on Sky Sports News HQ.

While that interview has obviously not aired yet as of this writing, Sky Sports did share many of the Chelsea midfielder’s quotes, including his declaration that he’s just about as sure as one can ever be in football about staying at Chelsea.

“[I see myself at Chelsea next season] 100 per cent. I am not thinking about anything else than challenging myself here.”

“The situation from six months ago to now has changed massively. From the beginning it has been a big challenge and there are always rumours, you cannot stop that, but I don't even care what people say. Not for one second did I want to leave.”

Not much room for false interpretations in that! This also flows well with everything he has been saying (and the rumors have been ignoring) since the start of the season. And his playing time has only increased since then.

“Sometimes it's so easy, you don't play two games, you get frustrated and upset and want to move somewhere else, but for me it's the opposite; I want to challenge myself.”

“I know in my brain what I can do and if I am better than others or not. I know what I can bring to this team and by improving and listening to the manager and what he wants and doesn't want, I know myself what I can give. I have been proving myself every time I have had a chance and I will not stop until I play every game which is what I want.”

“You always have to compete against players. Sometimes you are on the pitch and have to compete with players so they don't overtake you. This season it has been the other way around, I have had to compete more in training or in the little minutes I had to prove myself to try to be in the starting XI.”

"Now I am playing much more than at the start of the season and hopefully I am changing the manager's mind a little bit and can get many more starts.”

-Cesc Fàbregas; source: Sky

Starting Cesc today against Swansea City probably wouldn’t be the worst idea...

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