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Local tattoo artist confirms Eden Hazard ‘ain’t going nowhere’ from Chelsea Football Club

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Just a few blocks down the road from Stamford Bridge is an establishment called Fulham Tattoo Center. This is where Eden Hazard spent four hours on Wednesday, getting started on a “half-sleeve” on his right upper arm. Looks like it might be some sort of a rose, though obviously it’s just a work in progress. “First of many,” writes the tattoo shop’s Instagram.

The caption reads:

“Chelsea’s main man popped in today [...] for a 4 hour session. First of many. Started a half sleeve. Top man, top banter and top top player. He ain't going knowhere (sic) by the ways Chelsea fans ”

So there you go, straight from the ITK source. Eden Hazard “ain’t going nowhere”. Let’s see that Chelsea badge on that half-sleeve, Eden!

Hazard’s other tattoos include his oldest son’s name down the left side of his rib-cage (sorry, younger son), what looks like birthdates(?) on his left wrist (family, it’s assumed), and a pair of dice just below his waistline (interesting choice, that one). And now you know.