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Most obnoxious video of Hazard, Courtois, Batshuayi, Chalobah, Zouma, Kante playing FIFA 17

I wasn't going to share this because it's obnoxious beyond belief, but I suffered through it, so here, share in my pain.

It really is rather unfortunate that this video turned out to be so obnoxious -- is this what "the kids" like these days? -- because the premise was good and the promise was certainly there for some quality content, just like when these same six players took on the FIFA skills game challenge last week.

Instead, it's the host, apparently named KSI, who's front and center in a very loud and annoying way throughout the whole five-minute video, screaming and acting a fool for all to see and laugh at. But nobody's laughing except Zouma. At least he seems to be enjoying himself. The rest are mostly just confused and embarrassed and look like they want nothing more than to finish the game and get out of there.

Yes, there is an actual game of FIFA being played. Believe it or not. There's plenty of confusion about that, too, because apparently it's hard to figure out who is controlling whom and with what color. Or something. Eventually, one team wins 2-1 and then its mercifully all over.

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