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Didier Drogba declines Corinthians offer with view of returning to Chelsea

Come on home, Didier.

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Ever since Clarence Seedorf's move to Botafogo back in 2012, rumours in the Brazilian media linking foreign players past their prime with moves to the country’s top league have been commonplace. Yet, only a few of these moves ever come to fruition, even if most of them involve players who weren’t four-time Champions League winners like the AC Milan and Netherlands legend.

It’s been no different this year, with Corinthians taking center stage with their reported interest in signing Chelsea legend Didier Drogba. As expected, a flurry of Corinthians fans promptly infested his social media accounts with the usual "COME TO MY CLUB" shtick.

However, much to the dismay of these fans who have plenty of free time on their hands, Drogba respectfully declined the interest from the Brazilian team. According to him, it does not feel like the right time for him to move to the country.

"There have been a lot of rumours linking me to a move to Corinthians but it was important for me to speak with Mr. Roberto de Andrade - the president of the team - which I did today."

"I explained to him that whilst I am very honoured at their interest in me joining the club, it does not feel like the right move for me at this time."

"I would like to thank the club and all the Corinthians fans for the messages and wish you all every success for the new season."

-Didier Drogba

With that, Drogba remains a free agent following his departure from Montreal Impact in December at the end of the last MLS season. And while it would be nice to see him playing in Brazil and enduring the heat of our summer, just not while defending the shirt of one of the most annoying clubs on the continent...

Ed.note: in case y’all were wondering, Fellipe is a Fluminense fan! :-P

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