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Alexis exit rumors set to reach critical mass as Chileans plan national protest against Arsenal


Arsenal v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Regardless of the fate of Arsene Wenger, Alexis Sanchez appears to be on his way out of Arsenal. The 28-year-old Chilean has cut an increasingly frustrated figure on the pitch, while stories of a budding contract stand-off have been a regular feature for last few months (thus drawing Chelsea into the proceedings as well).

But this week’s foibles, highlighted by Arsenal’s latest 5-1 loss to Bayern Munich (their second in 18 months) have turned up the heat and while rumors remain confined mostly to the pages of tabloids, we’re getting to the point where there’s enough noise to start, as the Joker says in his introduction to Gotham’s mobsters, taking things a bit more seriously.

Add in rumors of a dressing room bust up and the very real leave of absence that’s been granted to Alexis (though it’s unclear exactly why he needs to appear in court in Barcelona and how flying out to Venice helps with that), and it’s truly crisis time at the Gunners.

But wait, as if all that’s not funny enough, there is, and we’re not making this up, a protest planned against Arsenal, in solidarity of Alexis for Wednesday, March 1 in the Chilean capital of Santiago. As of this writing, over 5000 people have said on Facebook that they’re going.

So that’s the “National march for Alexis Sanchez to leave Arsenal”. The event’s details reveal that for the people of Chile anywhere other than Real or Barcelona (or Arsenal, obviously) will do.

“The Chilean people are tired to see one of our stars working by himself so his team could move ahead. We don't want him to play for [Real] Madrid, nor return to Barcelona. The truth is that we don't give a [FUN] where he would play, we just want to see him fighting alongside another 10 [players] to get results. No longer alone.”

Fight? Why, that’s Antonio Conte’s favorite word.

(In addition to Chelsea, pretty much all the usual suspects have been linked already, with Juventus and PSG perhaps the front-runners.)

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