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Ashley Cole latest Chelsea legend to start studying for future non-playing role

Ashley Cole calls it homework as he studies the game “from different aspects”. So it’s not exactly clear whether it’s homework for coaching badges or scout certification or something else.

The notes on the left do appear to constitute a scouting report of someone whose name begins with a ‘D’ and has individual qualities such as “does dirty work without fuss” and “shoots on site” (sic) and “team player” but is also “lazy to get back in position when opposition has the ball”.

Hotel life = home work studying the game from different aspects ⚽

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A.Cole had talked a few times about going into scouting once he hangs up his boots, so this sort of homework would fit into that aim.

It’s also heartening to see the Chelsea branding on the middle notebook as well as the tear-off tactical sheets on the right. Perhaps he, just like Lampard, is being sponsored by the club in his studies for a future non-playing role.

Unlike Lampard, Cole is not yet retired and he’s currently gearing up with LA Galaxy for the 2017 MLS season. But it looks like he’s already got his post-retirement plans in motion.

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