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The special cover art for Wolves vs. Chelsea FA Cup programme is absolutely gorgeous

Match programmes, like much of print media, are a dying art in the age of the Internet, so when something unique comes along, it becomes all the more exciting and worthy of attention. And when that something unique is also as gorgeous as the cover art for the Wolves match programme this weekend’s FA Cup showdown between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Chelsea, then doubly so.

Wolves versus lions, oh my! In nature, there may be only one winner, but in football, giant-killings are always a possibility.

Plus, “Wolfie” has a bit of priors already, so Stamford the Lion probably has his work cut out for him.

In all seriousness, the cover for Saturday’s match is the latest in a series of special covers that Wolves commissioned from an illustrator named Alexander Wells. Here’s another example of his work from earlier this season from a match against Leeds United (i.e. the Peacocks).

Animals aren’t always the subjects (though obviously the wolf is always there). Here’s the cover from the match against Ipswich Town, also known as the Tractor Boys.

Wells was also commissioned to help redesign the tunnel at Molyneux. Certainly unique, even if the style isn’t necessarily your cup of tea. Not just another tunnel; it’s Molyneux, and it’s Wolves, and it’s live on BT Sport this Saturday!

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