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Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois shows off his hops and agility during training

This looks like a fun drill, as it combines several different types of movements and skills, both mental and physical.

From a standing start on top of a small box, Courtois has to hop down with both feet and jump up on the plyoboxes stacked 1 meter high. Then he drops down from there for a short speed drill, while the coach calls out the color of the cone to which Courtois has to run either right or left (“yellow” to the right in this case), before finishing with another quick-step sprint. Working on vertical movement, side-to-side movement, reactions, quickness, and speed.

Working hard #cfc

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Impressive vertical aside — 40” jump with plenty of room to spare, so no wonder he can easily dunk a basketball — the agility and quickness shown by the big man will no doubt serve him well on the pitch.

Courtois recently talked about the benefits that new goalkeeper coach Gianluca Spinelli has had on his game, and whether or not that’s actually Spinelli calling the drill from behind the camera, we’ve all seen the improvements in Courtois’s confidence, handling, and distribution as well.

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