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Kanté leads his team to upset win over Hazard's Team Belgium in FIFA 17 Chelsea skills challenge

Team Hazard-Courtois-Batshuayi vs. Team Kanté-Chalobah-Zouma

Eden Hazard may have gotten the highest individual score, but the consistency of Team Rest of the World meant that Team Belgium still lost in this FIFA 17 Skill Games Challenge. Not even Eden Hazard can always carry the team to victory.

The challenge consisted of a football version of Top Golf (or skee-ball, if you will), with players required to chip the ball into increasingly smaller buckets. The smaller the bucket, the more points your shot would be worth — the closest and largest was worth 1200 points while the farthest and smallest was worth 2000 points. Each player had three shots.

Eden Hazard hit two of three into the middle bucket for 3200 total points, but his teammates only managed one each, with Batshuayi only getting the easiest one just the once. Maybe that passing rating was spot on after all, wasn't it?

Meanwhile, Team Rest of the World had much more consistent points-scoring, with N'Golo Kanté hitting twice and both Zouma and Chalobah hitting the most valuable target once. And so, the upset win to the non-Belgians, much to the delight of Chalobah.

And of course David Luiz was around, too. If there's fun to be had, David Luiz will be there.

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