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WATCH: Cesc Fabregas gives the kids a lesson in first touch

So generous, Cesc.


A lesson from Cesc Fàbregas!

Posted by Chelsea Football Club on 14hb Februari 2017

Cesc Fabregas has had a tremendous 12-year career spread out over three world-class clubs. His success on the pitch has varied from one season to another, but what’s undeniable about him is his superb technical ability.

He’s not the strongest player in the world, nor the fastest. What’s made him a staple in some of the best teams in the world over the past decade or so is his elite level technique. But, what exactly is “technical ability”? Well, it’s a mixture of things really. But, it all starts with a player’s first touch and Cesc’s first touch is sublime. So much so that he’s been kind enough to demonstrate it on video, for free.

The above video is a fun little training ground exercise where one teammate punts the ball as high as possible and the other must bring it down with one touch and control it as best as possible. I guess it’s not much of a tutorial, but more a life lesson. Want to become a world-class footballer and make lots of money? Practice your first touch, kids.

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