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Burnley fan behind Courtois’s goal makes best save of the game against Chelsea


If you were watching Sunday’s game on television, you no doubt recall seeing a replay of this fan, or should we say hero, making the save of the game on a wayward shot from Ashley Barnes.

Barnes, who has a penchant for doling out damage with his feet (and his elbows and his wrist and any and all weaponized appendages) took aim at Courtois’s goal but only succeeded in picking out an innocent bystander barely a few years old just minding his own business in his mother’s arms.

Fortunately, the superhero in the yellow jacket (hey, just like many goalkeepers these days!) stuck out his go-go-gadget arms and Iron Man’d the ball away from the poor little kid’s face. Well done, anonymous hero of the Burnley faithful, well done.

Perhaps feeling a bit shown up by this spectacular show behind him, Courtois sprung into action late in the first-half on Matt Lowton’s shot.

Unfortunately, Courtois could do nothing about Robbie Brady’s free kick. Not even the man in the stands could’ve saved that one.

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