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Chelsea to reward Conte with new contract if he wins the Premier League

Sounds good.

Here’s the entirely unsurprising first rumor about a possible new contract for Chelsea dreamboat Antonio Conte. It’s unsurprising because a) he’s exceeding just about every expectation, b) he’s getting paid roughly half of what the other top managers in the Premier League are getting paid, and c) there were those pesky and hilarious rumors the other day of Inter willing to pay him a lot more if he wanted to go there.

Conte signed a three-year deal last summer for around £6-6.5m, which is hardly nothing but it’s also a fair bit lower than what the likes of Mourinho or Guardiola are getting (or what Chelsea were paying Mourinho, for that matter).

Should Conte agree to a new deal, he would become just the second head coach in the Abramovich era to receive a contract extension — the first one was Mourinho after his last title. Clearly, new contracts are no guarantees of future returns, but they are the proper and meaningful reward for a job well done. And well done might be an understatement for Conte’s reign so far.

Sign him up!

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