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This week on Chelsea Unseen: Drogba pops by, Terry shows how not to chew gum, and Costa wins a race

Yes, that is Will Ferrell.

Chelsea may not have a tunnel cam, but we do have Chelsea Unseen (thank you based Carabao), which is certainly better than nothing. This week's edition is a tad bit on the weak side, perhaps due to the one day less of training footage available because of the extra day off on Tuesday, but it's still better than nothing. (And there was also a line in one of the training ground reports about not being able to show most of training; boss's orders!)

The highlight is probably John Terry showing off his juggling skills by playing keepy-uppy with his own chewing gum. Though I must say, while this was cool a few months ago when Pulisic or whoever did it, now it's a bit played out. Plus, it's a bit disgusting. You wouldn't eat food off the tops of your boots, would you? Well, this is no different! But maybe that's just me. (Also, don't play with your food, house rule no.4.)

There's also Cesc Fàbregas practicing some first-touch on high balls, but he's shown up first by Nathaniel Chalobah, then by a rather delighted Michy Batshuayi. Good times!

In related Chelsea TV programming news, don't forget to watch David Luiz and Willian tonight on Friday Night Live at 6pm (part 1, also available on Facebook) and 6:45pm GMT (part 2)

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