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Juventus, PSG, Atlético all confident of signing potential Chelsea transfer target Alexis Sanchez

Sadly, John Cross’s latest missive in the Mirror does not mention Chelsea, even though two months ago we were made “favorites” for Alexis Sanchez’s future signature, while last month, more reliable sources than bookies’ odds claimed that the Blues were at least “monitoring” the Alexis situation over at Arsenal.

Of course Chelsea are now knee-deep in Lukaku rumors instead, so let’s not get too greedy. There’s plenty of time left until the summer for Conte & Co to get linked with just about every big name player who may or may not be available at the end of the season.

The story with Alexis remains the same as before. His contract is expiring after next season and he’s looking for more money (£250-300k per week) than Arsenal are willing to offer. Meanwhile, things are going rather pear-shaped on the pitch and Alexis himself is seemingly growing more and more frustrated by the day with the ineptitude around him.

As far as the suitors who are mentioned in this latest report, Juventus are currently looking to scrape together the money, Atlético are hoping to use any Griezmann income, while PSG are PSG. PSG probably make more sense than either of those two others, but that’s just my wild guess.

One thing’s for sure, this drama is only starting.

(Sidenote: Allegri replacing Wenger this summer popped up in yesterday’s rumor mill ... Conte v. Allegri could be interesting!)

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