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David Luiz’s moment of inspiration dampened by re-injuring knee that finally had recovered from Agüero’s tackle

Nobody expects the surprise free kick! Its chief weapon is surprise, surprise and...

David Luiz took center stage for Chelsea on Tuesday, scoring the Blues’ only goal while putting in another solid effort at the heart of the defense, playing his pseudo-sweeper role to near perfection at times. At other times, it wasn’t quite so perfect, but Liverpool still needed a lucky bounce or two to get one past Courtois.

In any case, the most obvious impact was the free kick, which is worth watching again just because it’s hilariously awesome, as is everyone’s confusion and delayed reaction to whatever just happened. No one expects the surprise free kick!

Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet complained afterwards about not hearing the whistle (you can clearly hear it 2-3 seconds before Luiz takes it), while others in studio like Liverpool legend and coach Steven Gerrard, in all his impartiality, moaned about the free kick award itself with Lallana pushing over Hazard from behind.

But while all that is pretty funny, what wasn’t nearly as funny was David Luiz later re-injuring his right knee, which had been bothering him ever since Sergio Agüero’s “tackle” two months ago. David Luiz had been playing with a wrap on it — in fact, this was only the second game since the incident that he began without it heavily taped up — and he also revealed a couple weeks ago that it had been limiting him in training. Luiz confirmed that again in his post-match interview on Tuesday, while adding that the free kick itself was basically just a moment of inspiration.

“Sometimes you need to try to surprise. It is not the best moment to try free kicks because of my knee. I have not been training too much and with free kicks you need to train everyday.”

"But sometimes you need to feel the game and take the opportunity and I'm happy."

-David Luiz; source: BT Sport via ESPN

While David Luiz was able to carry on, his movement seemed to be limited from then on and he came out for the second half with the knee once again heavily wrapped up. Hopefully he can continue playing through it — I’m not sure I’m ready for Terry or Aké to be in that role instead of our favorite Sideshow.

Thanks again, Sergio!

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