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Rafa Revisionism, Be Gone!

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In a special event, the Chelsea Fan Cast and the London is Blue Podcast go live from the Chelsea Pensioner to disspell the myths behind Rafa’s reign.

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Chelsea v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

London is Blue are...

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In a special live episode, we partnered with our English-counterparts, the Chelsea Fan Cast, to cross-pod after the Newcastle match. We recorded at the Chelsea Pensioner, just near Stamford Bridge.


  • “He don’t care about Chelsea...” We spent time reliving the horrors of the Rafa Benítez era with Jonathan sharing war stories.
  • We spoke about the match versus Newcastle and debated who was the man of the match, Eden Hazard or Victor Moses?
  • Then there was a conversation around fan culture and the international experience.

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