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Chelsea 3-1 Newcastle United, Premier League: Tunnel cam

Tunnel cam never disappoints.

Another game, another tunnel cam. Chelsea TV are starting to get very professional about all this and are moving far quicker than I could ever keep up. Curse this metal body, as C-3PO likes to say.

So there are the usual scenes of players arriving, going out for a pre-match pitch check mill-about — the purpose of which I can never quite understand, especially at home where you should know what the stadium feels like — going back out for warm-ups, and then going out for the real thing. In the meantime, the opposition arrives, too, and there are a few warm hugs shared. The ones in this one involve The Interim One, so let’s not talk about it too much (Hilario, how could you!?).

In all seriousness, this portion of the video is the one thing that’s just a bit lacking — the interaction between the two teams — but maybe when we get our bigger stadium with a bigger tunnel, we’ll get more of this sort of stuff.

Elsewhere, if you watch ‘The Reaction’ video, you will spot some familiar faces at around the 1-minute mark. It’s just a brief shot as we were asked to pose and yell Chelsea like we meant it. We sort of did; it was very early.

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